The Founding of TNSCBA (Tamil Nadu State Chess Boxing Association )

TNSCBA Founders Baba Vivek Anand and Faiz Ahamed opened the Tamilnadu State Chess Boxing Association in 2012. they organized numerous chessboxing seminars and championship events all around his home state under the guidance of CBOI.

The Founding of CBOI (Chess Boxing Organisation of India)

CBOI founded under the leadership of renewed martial artist of Indian Sole Sensei Montu Das, a pioneer in kickboxing an International Silver Medalist, Referee (WAKO) & Coach, Secretary General (2003-2012), Indian Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO-India), Founder & General Secretary, Kickboxing Association of West Bengal, President, Das School of Martial Arts & Shito-Ryu Karate-Do School of Bengal, Proprietor, Das Fitness Gym. Mr. Das is belongs from one of the ancient city of india, Calcutta now calling Kolkata, eastern part of India, State of West Bengal.

When he was in the age of 16 years, one day in practice time in Gym, his coach tell him, in after any aggressive or heavy contact sport we should play a round of Chess for the benefit of mental & physic relax. When he was saw the CHESS-BOXING (WCBO) as the game of well combination of two opposite sport, like soft & hard or cold & hot, first he can’t imagine, but when he go with detail of Chessboxing with WCBO & unlimited telephonic discussion with the founder of this fantastic game, Mr. Iepe Rubingh, he guide & help him lot about the rules & regulation to start Chessboxing in his city Kolkata, so he started first Chessboxing as the Chess Boxing Club of Kolkata and arrange first ever Chessboxing match in Indian Sole at Kolkata in 27th November 2011 and founded the CBOI.

What is the Goal of the CBOI

First of all our object is to better promotion of the Chessboxing in all over the India then make a Nation wide recognition of Chessboxing from Indian Olympic Association and Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs, Govt. of India. To improve our Chessboxers in National & International arena we will try to support in all concern facilities from the CBOI and arrange/organize various training camp, seminar by expertise & championship for the promotion of Chessboxing, also participate in all the event of WCBO for improve the standard of International Chessboxers.

Of course we must try to make Chessboxing as popular sport in our country & our target will be in #1.

The first Chessboxing Club of India and Training begins….

In the month of May 2011, the founder of Chess Boxing Club of Kolkata, Mr. Montu Das was contact to WCBO about Chessboxing for India. Mr. Iepe Rubingh, President, WCBO is guide him to start Chess Boxing from club level, like Chess Boxing Club of Kolkata. Also Mr. Das was guided once upon time by his coach in his early age performance time to practice chess after heavy contact in martial art and hard exercise.

Mr. Das first ever start Chessboxing training in his own Gym (Das Fitness Gym) and as Chess Boxing Club of Kolkata & Training begins for India as the sole from his home town Kolkata to all over the country with his 26 years Martial arts experience in Kickboxing, Karate & Wushu-Kung-Fu.

Why interest in Chessboxing…

In some sport or martial arts (with respect) is very popular in their field, due to system of ranking by regularly chargeable examination to become senior, may they expert or not, its ok, but same sport are facing problem in their official recognition in world wide & their leader/instructor/players also facing problem in their carrier in that particular sport due to unsystematic & one man show leadership by their superior.

Chessboxing a new concept of sport like martial art, but not like that, but we can enjoy same combat through boxing, for the development of physic, and another popular sport of world wide, chess, for the development of mind, and everybody need to develop their MIND & PHYSIC for a complete (WO)men, That’s why I am Interested in this sport and I think this is the latest sport in the world for 21st Century….